Frequently Asked Questions

What is MCQ Khajana?

MCQ Khajana is a digital platform that provides students with a wide range of questions based on the latest NCERT curriculum. The questions are designed to help students practice and excel in their exams by offering expertly prepared questions.

Which students can practice questions from MCQ Khajana?

Students of class 9th & 10th from the CBSE Board can study and practice questions of all subjects from MCQ Khajana.

What does MCQ Khajana offer?

MCQ Khajana offers:

  • MCQs across all the subjects of Class 9th & 10th bases on the latest NCERT Syllabus
  • Competency-Based Questions
  • Picture Based Questions
  • Case Studies & Related Questions
  • LAQs & SAQs
  • Previous Year Questions (PYQs)
  • Free Mock Tests
  • Topic-wise Practice Sets

How can MCQ Khajana benefit me?

MCQ Khajana provides a comprehensive collection of practice questions and mock tests crafted by subject experts. MCQ Khajana helps you boost your confidence, and enhance your exam performance. With a wide range of question patterns available, you can practice and prepare effectively for various exams.

Are the questions and mock tests based on the latest NCERT curriculum?

Yes! All the questions and mock tests on MCQ Khajana are carefully prepared by our subject experts to align with the latest NCERT Curriculum. 

Can I track my progress on MCQ Khajana?

Yes, MCQ Khajana provides features to track your progress. You can monitor your performance, review your answers, and identify areas that require more focus. This way, you can make improvements and make targeted efforts to excel in your exams.

How do I get started with MCQ Khajana?

To get started with MCQ Khajana, simply sign up on our website and create an account. Once you have registered, you will have access to all the collection of questions, quizzes, and mock tests. 

Are there any subscription fees for using MCQ Khajana?

With a limited-time offer, all our questions are now available for FREE. So, hurry up and make the most of this offer while it lasts. 

Can I reach out for support or help?

Definitely! If you have any queries, or feedback, or need help, you can reach out to our support team through our official mail address or contact number. 


Mail us at: contactus[at]mcqkhajana[dot]com

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