GambitoR : The National Level Exam Conducted by IIT Roorkee

GambitoR : The National Level Exam Conducted by IIT Roorkee
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GambitoR : The National Level Exam Conducted by IIT Roorkee

Do you want to win prizes worth Rs. 1 Lakh and a prestigious spot at IIT Roorkee? If yes, then Gambitor is waiting for you. GambitoR – a national-level examination, for students of classes 9th to 12th, designed to test and nurture your logical and analytical skills. Organized by the Outreach Cell of IIT Roorkee, GambitoR 2.0 is the second and enhanced edition of this thrilling competition, building on the success of its inaugural year, which saw over 5000 participants from 20 states across India.

GambitoR 2.0’s Pokémon-based theme adds a fun and engaging element to the competition.

GambitoR 2.0

The Two Stages: Inception and Pinnacle

GambitoR 2.0 comprises two challenging rounds:

Inception Round (October 29th):

The Inception Round will be held on October 29th, 2023. This online round presents an interesting 2-hour question paper encompassing mathematics, puzzles, and code-crunching challenges. Participants from classes 9th to 12th will go head-to-head in a battle of wits.

The top 20 performers from classes 9th and 10th, along with the top 10 performers from class 11th and the top 20 performers from class 12th, will earn the coveted opportunity to advance to the next round, known as Pinnacle. Exciting prizes and certificates await those who distinguish themselves in this round.

Pinnacle Round (1st Week of December):

For those who successfully navigate the Inception Round, the Pinnacle Round awaits at the scenic campus of IIT Roorkee. Here, participants will engage in technical events while exploring the campus’s remarkable surroundings.

Cash rewards, certificates of excellence, and a range of enticing prizes will be conferred upon the winners, making this an amazing experience.

Who Can Participate at GambitoR?

To participate in GambitoR, you have to be a student studying from 9th to 12th.

GambitoR welcomes students from three distinct categories:

Metiox: Open to students of classes 9 & 10.

Apollox: Specifically designed for class 11 students.

Athenox: Devised for students of class 12.

How to Participate?

The registrations for GambitoR will be done online and absolutely FREE.

Pre-registration has already started from June 28, 2023. 

Step 1 Visit the official website of the competition

Step 2 – Click on the Register button given on the homepage.

Step 3 – Fill in the necessary information Name, Category, School Name, Contact Number, Email, and Referral Code, and submit.

Use code:- GMB23_DSR


Click to directly land on the registration page.

Mark the Dates & Locations

The Inception Round, conducted online nationwide, is set for October 29, 2023. This allows participants to compete from the comfort of their homes.

For those who excel in the Inception Round, the next stop is the campus of IIT Roorkee in the 1st week of December for the Pinnacle Round.

Know the Complete Syllabus

GambitoR 2.0 is known for its simplicity and its unique approach that requires no traditional textbook knowledge. Instead, the focus lies on assessing logical thinking, puzzle-solving abilities, and a basic understanding of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, designed according to the category:

Metiox: Tests aptitude and logical reasoning.

Apollox: Includes aptitude, logical reasoning, and general Mathematics.

Athenox: Comprises aptitude, and logical reasoning, and covers the complete 11th-class Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics curriculum.

Click here to directly download the complete syllabus.

Exciting Prizes are Waiting for You

All participants will receive certificates of participation. However, the true champions will be rewarded with cash prizes and a range of stunning prizes worth Rs. 1 Lakh. 

Let’s Practice Hard to Win

To help you prepare for this exciting challenge, sample papers and resources are readily available. You can also visit an amazing website MCQ Khajana where you can find 1000+ practice questions to test your abilities. 

Click here to download the official practice papers according to your category and competition round. 

GambitoR 2.0 offers an incredible opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills, earn recognition, and compete for exciting rewards. It’s more than just an exam; it’s a chance to meet new challenges and explore. So, don’t wait, register now.

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    It will really help students to have wider view towards study and a great exposure ❤️

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