CBSE Board Exam 2024: Why Should You Focus On MCQs To Score High Marks?

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CBSE Board Exam 2024: Why Should You Focus On MCQs To Score High Marks?

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made important changes to the assessment scheme for the CBSE board exams 2024. These changes have given greater importance to Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). The CBSE board exam 2023-24 will have 20% weightage for MCQs.

The decision is aligned with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, which emphasizes the application of academic concepts in real-life situations, critical thinking, and creativity instead of mere rote learning. 

In this blog, we will understand why focusing on MCQs is important to achieve high marks in the CBSE board exams.


MCQs Aligned with Competency Based Education

In the CBSE board exam for the academic session 2023-24, MCQs will account for 20% of the total marks.

The latest changes in the CBSE exam pattern 2023-24 suggest a high focus on competency based questions. This means they want to evaluate how well students can use their knowledge in real-life situations. The MCQs will be based on competency based education. By including more MCQs in the exams, CBSE aims to test students’ abilities to analyze and evaluate information. 

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Why is CBSE Asking More MCQs in the Board Exams 2024?

MCQs provide a fair and clear way to test what students know. They have one correct answer, making it easier to show understanding. By solving MCQs, students can demonstrate their understanding of important concepts in a simple and concise way. This format evaluates their knowledge instead of how well they write long explanations.

Compared to long-answer questions, MCQs require less time to read and answer, enabling students to attempt a greater number of questions within the allocated time frame. This can be particularly beneficial when students face time constraints during exams and need to maximize their attempts.

Well-designed competency based MCQs are presenting real-life scenarios or problem-solving situations that require students to analyze information and apply their knowledge to get the correct answer. This will help students to develop their ability to think critically and logically.

When examiners evaluate long-answer questions, there can be differences in how they interpret and grade the responses. This introduces subjectivity. In contrast, MCQs offer a more objective and consistent way of evaluation. The answers are clear-cut, making the grading process fair and standardized.

  • MCQs provide a fair and equal way to test what students know.
  • They have clear answers, making it easier to show understanding.
  • MCQs are faster to do, so students can answer more questions in the given time.
  • MCQs that focus on skills help students think critically and solve problems.
  • They are a fair way to grade because different examiners won’t have different opinions.

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The changes made by CBSE, where they focus more on MCQs in the board exams, show that they want students to learn practical skills and think critically. By paying attention to MCQs, students can show what they understand, save time in exams, and get a fair evaluation. 

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